Registration of medicines (click here)


In order to enter the market of a country and sell your products, you need to register some of them in that country. Registration of some products (medicines, medical devices, medical equipment, dietary supplements, food additives, cosmetics, perfumes, veterinary products, etc.) is a necessary procedure for bringing them to the market.
State registration of products is a set of procedures, the purpose of which is to confirm the compliance of products with the relevant standards in force in the territory of a particular state. This is an official document confirming that the product has passed the state registration procedure, is included in the appropriate state register and complies with the established rules and regulations adopted and in force in a particular country.
A certificate of state registration of products is an official document issued by the Authorized Bodies for products that are subject to mandatory testing according to the rules and regulations of a particular country and for its subsequent sale in the country.
For this function, you need to contact specialists in the relevant field, because this is a unique and not simple procedure.
Regmed-Global specialists will carry out all necessary measures for our clients to obtain a certificate.
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